Saturday, February 7, 2015

Sick House

I know I didn't post yesterday but, thats because Z passed on the sickness.  Oh yea I spent my afternoon/evening yesterday with it coming out of both ends.  

Let me tell you there is no harder decision in life that deciding to crap yourself or puke on the floor.

On the upside Z is feeling better.  She started to feel better just when I was going down hill.  So I felt like crap and she was mad because I didn't want to play.

This morning G woke up pooping and puking in his bed.  D was home from work so he dealt with it which was great because I still felt like crap.

3 pair of pjs later G still can't keep anything down.  I have just started to be able to keep liquid down.  K feels fine and is hiding in his room.  

Just this evening it has hit D.  I am so glad that it waited to get him until I felt a little better.  As for the one who started it all?  She is feeling great and is mad that no one will play with her.

I hate being sick.  On the upside because I haven't been able to keep anything down for 2 days and my colon is super clean I bet I am down 5 pounds.  No it is not worth it lol.