Sunday, February 8, 2015

Feeling Better

Everyone seems to be on the up and up today finally.  Z still refuses most solid foods I think she just hates vomiting them up.  She was sleeping so hard yesterday evening I made her into a block tower.

Yup built on her head and hand.

If she saw them she would knock them down immediately but she was sleeping so I had my fun.

We dressed up as superheroes for a bit today too.

Ok Z dressed as Bat Man and I dressed as the Joker.  I love the hand placement on this shirt lol.

I made G work on his writing with these new pencil grips I bought him.  The boy holds his pencil between his first and second finger and no one has bothered to try to correct it.

But, with being home sick the last 4 days I did make some progress on G's police blanket.

Now it is starting to look like a blanket.

I guess I better get going on the last block and connecting strip to get this bad boy finished.

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