Sunday, February 15, 2015

Valentines Trip

I tried to make a post on my phone yesterday but that didn't work I guess.  Anyway D surprised Z and I with a fun Valentine's trip.  The boys were at their dads this weekend so they were only with us for the first part of the day.

The first thing was the Minnesota Zoo to check out the animals and kill time until the boys went to their dads.

Z had lots of fun running around by herself and checking out the animals.  The flamingos were her favorite.

They also has the giant sand box set up in the tropics for a beach party and it is just fun to play in sand lol.

Then when the boys went it was off to Le Cross, WI to check out the 38th annual LA CROSSE BOAT, SPORTS, TRAVEL, RV & HUNTING SHOW at the La Crosse Convention Center.  I know I thought that it was a heck of a name too lol.  Z found what she wants for her next birthday...

After that we did some shopping and playing at the local mall to kill some time.

We played with a watermelon and an orange.

Z even made a new friend a day too late for Friday the 13th but thats ok.

We saw some cute baby stuff too like a onesie

and a red solo sippy cup lol.

For dinner we got Pizza Doctors which is a fun special treat when you are in that area.  They have very good dessert pizza and fun regular pizza too.  Click the link and check out their full menu it is worth it I promise. 

Z got a plate that was perfect for her lol.

She tried to claim that she ate everything on her plate but I am not sure if that was even her plate lol.

We spent the night at Riverport Inn in Winona, MN.  This hotel is great.  The rooms were quiet.  The beds were very comfortable and the pool was warm.

Z says the couch is comfy too.

To end the weekend today is D's birthday so we took him out to dinner an Applebee's for 1/2 price apps.

His sister and her crew came and met us too so all 8 of us helped him celebrate being 34.

The only down side of the whole weekend was my camera charger didn't come before we left but when we got home it was here so all of my pics were done on my phone.

But, now I have one again and 4 batteries to make it last forever lol.

I had an awesome Valentines weekend did you?

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