Thursday, April 9, 2015


I am back at applying for jobs today.  I am still a little disappointed with getting a rejection letter from the one yesterday but that just means that there is a better job out there for me.

The hard part is that I have an AAS Degree in automotive, a certification in refrigerant, and I am not skilled at anything in particular.

So I am applying for entry level HVAC (heating and air conditioning) jobs, automotive service writer jobs (I lost my tools in the divorce), and building maintenance jobs.

I hope to find something and be out of where I am at in the next month or so.  I just know that I can't do another summer at my current job.

I enjoy the people I work with but I never get to work with anyone because they all bag or deliver the ice and I am the only one who fixes the boxes.  That is my whole problem is that during the summer I don't get lunch or anything because it is just rush to this box and then rush to this one across town.

Sorry about the vent but atleast I added pics to make it more fun lol.

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