Thursday, April 23, 2015

K's Birthday

Today is K's 15th Birthday!!!  Happy Birthday K!!!

Where has the time gone?  On this day 15 years ago at 7:55 am on Easter Sunday K was born at a whopping 8# 15.9oz and 22" long.  I was 18 years old and not ready to be a mom but the moment I saw you I knew I could do it.

We have had some fun times and some not so fun times but we survived and thrived together.

You are so going to kill me someday when you see that I put this pic of you on the internet lol.

Now you are 15 years old and got your first ipod and a Punisher hoodie.  You aren't my little boy anymore.  But, don't worry K, I will still call you my baby boy.

K playing with his new brain teasers.

They look super cool.

We went out to dinner with Grandma, Auntie L, Cousin A, Cousin M, and Aunt S.  

Happy Birthday to my baby boy K and here is to another year of making memories.