Wednesday, April 8, 2015

Projects and Rejection

So one of my 2015 goals was to work on completing some of my long time unfinished projects that I have sitting around.  I had been doing ok on that goal having completed 3 projects so far in 2015.  But, today I was given someone elses.

It looked daunting at first just some yarn in a bag.

But it appears to be a baby sweater that is just missing a sleeve and a collar.

It seems like I was given more than enough yarn to finish it and the pattern was included so I accepted the challenge.

So my question is does this now count as one of my long time unfinished projects because it has been unfinished for a long time?  Or do I count it as a new project because to me it is something new and exciting to start working on?

And if you caught my post last week I got the rejection email about that job today...

Dear Cindy,

Thank you for your interest in QQQQQQ. We appreciate the time you have taken to meet with us and explore the possibility of a working relationship.

While we were impressed with your background, we have decided to pursue a candidate whose qualifications better meet our needs.

We will be keeping your application on file. 
Thank you again for considering QQQQQQ.

Best regards,

It is a very polite rejection letter.  So now I wonder if I respond with a thanks for your consideration anyways letter something to the effect of if my qualifications do ever fit your needs please keep me in mind or do I just leave it at you rejected me so screw you?

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