Thursday, April 30, 2015


While I was working today I ended up at a stop less than a mile from my grandmothers house.  I stopped by to say hello and eat my lunch.

She was thrilled to see me and even gave me a chair.

I know that it looks like just an orange chair but its not.  This is an old orange chair.  My mother and her siblings used it.  My 12 cousins and I used it.  My cousins children have used it.  Grandma gave it to Z.

When she came home from daycare today and saw it she was super excited and had to try it out right away.  

It is perfect for sitting in and looking out the window on.  

I will have to strip the paint off of the chair soon because it has always been orange which probably means lead based paint but, I will repaint it orange.

FYI we did not plan the matching thing it just happened.

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