Monday, April 6, 2015


We survived Easter!!!  Sorry I didn't post yesterday but I was not feeling well at all.

Z is still not sure why she got new stuff but she does like her new stuff lol.

We has fun at home in the morning finding baskets and just having family time.

The boys had a heck of a time finding their baskets.  Here is G literally sitting on where his was hidden lol.

He was super happy to have finally found it.

K found his shortly after G found his.

I got a pic of G's but K wandered off with his and it will never be seen again.

G played with his new Kadama.  Both boys got one actually.

K just checked out his new book and card sleeves.  I don't think that I will ever understand teen boys.

Z fell asleep half on the couch.  I have no clue how kids can sleep the way they do because if I slept like this I wouldn't be able to move when I woke up.

For lunch we went to D's aunts house.  Z got a basket there.  The boys just got bags of candy so they figure that she likes them more lol.

Z got some sweet Mickey flip open shades and a princess crown.

She also played with her cousin's minion.

On the ride home I went off on D's sister because she was being a B.  I made a comment about her before about being dumb enough to drive on a flat tire.  This time I said that I am never taking the kids around her again.  For starts she started telling the kids where her parents hid easter baskets and eggs.  K is 14 and knows but G is only 8 and still believes so I am pissed that she blew easter and as a result Christmas for him.  I mean who the F does that?

Also, on the way home I am trying to talk to K about his other aunt just getting back from Spain on a school spring break trip and trying to tell him that if he works hard he might be able to go.  Well she had to put her comment into that.  Like yup she knows that they offer it because she seems to think that she knows everything.  Or that he will have the money or ability to go with his IEP and special ed stuff.  

If you want to be a mom B grow up get a job, move out of your mommy's house, find a guy, and have kids.  Yup you heard that right she is 32 and still lives at home with mommy.  D and I have been together for over 3 years now and she has not had a job in the whole time I have known her.

So how was your Easter?

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