Wednesday, April 15, 2015

More Yard Work

Why is it that as soon as the weather gets nice out people go outside and realize that their yard looks like crap?

I mean seriously it is only April and we have already planted a tree.

Now we are making a border for a garden in the front yard.

The kids helped with the building.

It is harder than it looks to drive nails into wood.

Sometimes it is way more fun to play with the nails lol.

Dad has a big mess to clean up when he is done building.

Trying to make it level is the hardest part.

It turned out well or at least we think so. 

So the question is what to put in it?  Right now we have 5 blueberry bushes between the window well and the fence.  I was thinking that we need more blueberry bushes lol.  

We are open to ideas if you got any but keep in mind that with the blueberries we have to keep the soil acidic and some plants don't like that.

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