Saturday, April 11, 2015

Shop Hop Day 2

Z and I went out to finish the Yarn Shop Hop today.  She had to wear her hand knits and everyone oohed and aahed over them lol.

We started with tattoos in Stillwater at Darn Knit Anyway.  They were supposed to open at 10 but they opened shortly after we got there at 9:30.

Then it was Lila and Claudine's for some more fun.  They had a "princess" chair that Z had to try out.

She loves her new buttons and the yarn people were awesome.

Next we hit:
Sheepy Yarn Shop in White Bear Lake:  Z was starting to melt down so we didn't stay long.
StevenBe in Minneapolis:  where we got hair extensions, a cookie, and a couple of buttons.  Z loved                                               Steven just as much as the boys do.
The Yarnery in St. Paul:  This shop was busy when we were there so we didn't stay long here either.  

By the time we made it to 3 Kittens they were out of markers and this is our closest shop so we didn't stay because we can always get back easily.

We finished up at Knit'n from the Heart in Woodbury.  I have been as close as the liquor store across the parking lot from this store but I had never been it and I will definitely try to make it back to this one.

See a filled passport with all 17 shops visited.

This is what we have to show for it...a folder of patterns, 16 stitch markers with a holder, 4 buttons, and a button.

It was a fun mommy/daughter day and we look forward to doing it again next year.

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