Saturday, April 4, 2015

Mom Moved In

Today we got stuck helping my mom move.

I shouldn't say that we got stuck doing it because all that was left to move was some big furniture that she wasn't able to fit in her car.  All it took is one load in the Suburban and one load in my brothers Ranger and we were done moving her.

K helped by keeping an eye on Z at my mom's old place.  There is a pond and they wandered down to check out the water.  I just love this pic of the 2 of them together.

G kept a good eye on her at the new place too.  This is my other favorite pic of the day because neither knew I was taking it.  Yes Z is wearing a caped Robin tee, leggings, and a tutu with her spiderman shoes on.

When we were done in less than 3 hours she even treated us out to lunch for our trouble and after that she gave the boys free haircuts.  I think that helping her move was way better for me than it was for her lol.

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