Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Knitting Progress

I got Z's "ugly" Christmas hat done this last weekend.  We have a Christmas party to go to on the 20th and instead of doing ugly sweaters they are doing ugly hats.  Z's hat is cute not ugly but it is a Christmas hat.

The Pattern is called Reindeer Antler Baby Beanie and it is free here.

She is so cute in antlers lol.

I also got the ex husbands slippers done.  He asked me if I could make him new ones because he wore out his last pair I made him.  My deal with him was if he wasn't picky on colors I can make them but if he wants special colors he has to buy the yarn.  He claims that he is not picky so...

I told him he has to felt them himself.  I hope he likes them lol.  The pattern for these is called AC33 Felted Clogs and you can get it from Fiber Trends as a PDF for $7.95 here.  There is also a children's version of this pattern which I have as well.

Now I just need to get my Christmas socks and a had for our niece K done before Christmas.  I would also like to get my last 7 blocks done to get all the trip blankets caught up before the end of the year.  Ok and all of the trip blankets seamed too.

Do you hand make any of your Christmas gifts?