Sunday, December 7, 2014

Birthday Party

Today we celebrated G and Z's birthdays.

First we went to the pool with our cousins K, A, E, C, & G.  Everyone had someone that was around their age to play with so we had tons of fun.

Ok Z spent most of the time playing with her Daddy but at a year old what do you expect her to do lol.

Then we came home for cake and presents.  We had 2 cakes one for each kid.

Most kids had to have one piece of each cake and all of the adults said yes because it was a party for 2 kids.

G opened his presents first because his birthday was first.  He got a monster truck, nerf guns, a monster truck model, and a world record book.  We gave him his presents on his actual birthday so he had already gotten from us.

Z went next and she got a laptop, a cat that plays tag, and some cloths and blocks.

I would say that she loved her toys but she liked the cooler more lol.

We even had time after everyone left to start G's model he is so excited to make it!  He was just disappointed that he had to stop to let the glue dry.  But here it is so far.  

Now we just have Z's actual birthday to get past then we can start getting ready for Christmas.