Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Wordless Wednesday

Nobody puts baby in a corner.  I just realized that her high chair sits in a corner and thought it was funny.

Ok and a quick vent...(some swear words)

I know you are his sister and we love you but are you F*CKING STUPID.  You knew you had a doctor appointment tomorrow and you were told your truck had a flat tire 2 weeks ago.  So why did you wait until it was dark out and the night before your appointment to deal with it.  Then your dumb *ss drove to the gas station on a flat tire.  You claimed that you thought it was the other tire but admitted that the light only shone on the one side and you are too f*cking lazy to find a flashlight to check the other side.  So I get a phone call from him while I was at church with K wondering when I will be home because the car seat is in my car and he wanted to know if one of the tires we had would fit on your truck.  It didn't but your uncle put his trailer tire on your truck (which is the wrong size but it bolted on).  So we finally get you and your truck home and you have the balls to ask to borrow my car tomorrow.  I don't think so I have to work and don't trust you with vehicles.  I hope you learn from your $200 lesson because that was a decent tire with just a bead leak until you drove on it like a moron.

Sorry about the swearing I am just a little frustrated.

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