Thursday, December 11, 2014

My Circus

 Do you ever have those days where you just feel like saying screw this?  I feel like doing that today.  I just want to hop in my car and run away from my life.  Ok just my job and my children lol.  I will never actually abandon them but days like today make it very tempting.

I have a little girl who didn't take her full nap today so all she wants to do is be held.  Don't put her down to do anything because she will cry and cling to you like a second skin.

I have a 8 yr old boy who won't get in the shower.  Ok, he finally got in the shower but 30 seconds later shut off the water and claimed he was done even tho his hair was still dry.  He ended up restarting the water 4 times until I went and sat in the bathroom while he showered.  Then it was another 4 times with the water before I decided he was done.

I have a 14 yr old who I have to remind to do the dishes even tho it has been his chore for 4 years.  I have to harp on him every night and if I don't we won't have enough dishes for dinner after 2 nights. 

The 2 boys have also been fighting since they got home from school.

Oh and one of the kids found drugs at the bus stop this morning.  K says that there were needles and white powder stuff.

Yup one of those days that I just have to deal with it and keep telling myself that I love them and as much as I would love to say not my circus not my monkeys I can't.

What kind of crap do your kids try to pull on you?

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