Monday, December 15, 2014

Christmas Socks Done

I got my last pair of Christmas socks for 2014 done today!

The pattern is the same as everyone elses socks which is called Show-off Stranded Socks and it is free on Ravelry here.  The yarn is called Neon Now and it is from the Plymouth Yarn Company.

When I got these done I started on my step-mom's fingerless mitts.

I also started on Z's Christmas slippers.  I actually already have the knitting part of one done so when I get the second one done hopefully by Wednesday I can felt them.

The reason for the Christmas slippers is that the Christmas party we are going to on Saturday the tradition is that you have to wear Christmas socks.  If you don't wear Christmas socks she gives you a pair.  Well we doubt that she will have a pair small enough for Z so I am making her a pair to wear so she can have Christmas socks too.

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