Monday, December 29, 2014

Deep Fryer

For Christmas D bought me a deep fryer and we gave it a go for dinner tonight.

Things would be way easier if you didn't have to wash things before you used them.

We tried tater crowns

and mozzarella sticks

We were going to do mini corn dogs too but they didn't have deep frying directions so those went in the oven.

All of the food turned out great.  The boys were shocked that the Crispy Crowns were not soggy like they usually are when you make them in the oven.  

We had never tried doing the deep fryer thing at home before and the kids and I agree that as unhealthy as it is it does make the food taste better.

Z has leftovers for dinner because I don't want her to have so much grease.

She did try an orange for the first time and she did seem to like it.

Ok so she didn't eat much of the orange but she did suck all of the juice out of it lol.

So what should we try in the deep fryer next?