Sunday, December 28, 2014

Out with the Old

Today we went to our last Christmas party of the 2014 season.  

This one was at my Dad's house.  Z had fun with her new xylophone.

I got to hang out with all 7 of my siblings and my dad and step mom Julie.

When we got home we played the out with the old game.  Basically you have to get rid of some of the old broken toys in your room to make room for your new toys.

We let them work at it for a while by themselves but they didn't make much progress.

So it became a family job.

Even Z helped.

Ok she wasn't much help but we got it done.

G's side looks great.

K's looks great too.

Now we had some room to open new toys and play with them too.

Z helps play with the new toys too.

How do you deal with all the new toys?


  1. We are doing a toy purge this week! I have called in back up!

  2. We stick old toys in the garage and bring them back into the house when we think of it or when we hear the dreaded "i'm bored". The kids forget about the toys and love seeing them make a comeback! Our oldest is a teen and youngest is 5 so we try to recycle them through each kid. Once the youngest is done with it, it goes to donations :) Thanks for sharing with SmallVictoriesSundayLinkup.

    1. I never thought of storing them elsewhere we have just been donating them. Thanks so much for the tip.

  3. My kids are older so we don't have many toys during the holidays anymore. We do still purge every couple of months to keep the clutter down.

    1. With my teen it is books not toys that we have to purge lol.