Monday, December 22, 2014

Family Fun

After some discussion D and I decided to make time in our schedules to spend at least one hour a week having alone time with each boy.  Hopefully this will make them fight less having individual time not just family time.

Today D took G to deal with his sisters tires.  She finally got them done last week so he had to put them on her truck for her.  G had fun watching and helping.

K and I stayed here and got dinner started.  Also, we went through cookbooks to find appetizers to make for the 2 Christmas parties that we are having.  

When the guys got home I was teaching K how to play Gin.  He got the idea quick and we had a blast trying to beat each other.  Then G and D joined us so we played Kings in the Corner.  K then wanted me to teach him how to set up solitaire.  He knew how to play just couldn't remember how to set it up.

While he played cards by himself G and I played sequence.

I think this has been our problem for a while.  When we sent the boys to bed today there was no fighting or whining they just went into their room and fell asleep.  That never happens lol.

Tomorrow we have a doctor appointment for Z's 12 month check-up and shots.  We have been betting on her weight.  My guess was 18# 2oz.  D is guessing 18# 8oz.  K went with 20# even.  G is guessing 15#.  She was at 17# 9oz when she was in for her ear infection a month ago.  We play by Price is Right rules so G might win lol.

I think I might pick up a new family board game for Christmas do you have any recommendations?  There are 4 of us and the boys are 8 and 14 so it has to be something that they both will enjoy.

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