Saturday, December 6, 2014


We spent the day making birthday cakes and Christmas cookies today.

The cakes are going to make one boy very mad.  We are celebrating G's 8th birthday and Z's 1st birthday tomorrow.  We made one cake for each kid a pink for Z and a blue for G.  We frosted the pink with G's favorite color orange and the blue cake has purple frosting just to mess with them lol.

The cookies are molasses, spritz, cherry poppy seed, peanut butter blossoms, and the hersheys kiss in a pretzel things.  We also have sugar cookie dough in the fridge that we haven't gotten to bake yet.

K missed part of the cookie baking because he volunteered at church to help make cookies there.  The church delivers the cookies to the elderly and shut-ins in the community.  Ok volunteering wasn't exactly his idea he needs so many community service points a year to be confirmed.

We have the birthday party for the 2 little ones tomorrow at the community pool so that should be fun for them.  I on the other hand have no clue if I even have a swimsuit that fits.  I have yet to lose the weight I put on with Z so I dread going out in a swimsuit anyway.

What kinds of Christmas cookies do you traditionally make?


  1. You put me to shame. I haven't even started yet.