Saturday, June 20, 2015

On Call

I have grown to dread these on call weeks.  D left before Z and I woke up and didn't get home until 6:30 this evening.

Because we had the day to ourselves we went on a morning walk to the small grocery store here in town and bought some snacks.

Failure is the opportunity to begin again more intelligently
I love to walk by this sign because it always says something thought provoking. 

Then we came home and had some lunch and a nap.  After that we headed the other direction to the Dollar General to see what they had to munch on.

We didn't find anything to eat but we did get some new wall stickers.

Z is thrilled to have something up on her walls.

We then just hung around the house until D got home and we enjoyed some dinner together.

Z hamming for the camera while we cook.

The pool toy that we got at the dollar store is trapped in the box Z left out lol.

After dinner D wanted to go for our usual evening stroll so we headed out and saw a bear and a moose in a canoe in someones yard.

We also saw a mini church that apparently holds weddings for leprechauns lol.

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