Monday, June 29, 2015

Day 2

We started out our second day of vacation with a trip to the Lakenen Sculpture Park.

He seems to have some trouble with the city about his park so we made sure to leave a donation while we were there.

Even with the tons of mosquitoes that were out we still had fun walking through the park.

G had to try out this kids telescope.

Z said that she wants a pet just like this lol.

He didn't put in any money so technically he wasn't gambling.

This snowmobile was big enough for all 3 to pose on.

They even had to ride on the pink elephant.

After that it was checking out 3 different waterfalls.  The first was a mosquito filled trip into the woods.

The second one was 10 feet from the car.

By the time that we hit the third one it had warmed up enough that they were gone.

Then it was the red lighthouse on Lake Michigan.

We also had to play for a bit in the sand.

We ate lunch at the Big Boy and they had these cool wood stuff to play in.

Z is driving the bus watch out.

We climbed all the way up to the flag on top of picture rock.

A pic of my car from the top.

Finally a pic with me in it lol.

We ended our day on the shore of Lake Huron with a super tub to play in.

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