Tuesday, June 2, 2015


K and I went on our usual daily walk today.  This time we just walked around town.  

We poked fun of the signs by the elementary school because it says that violators will be tagged.  We were wondering if this just means that we will get spray painted or what?

We stopped and checked out the old Union Cemetery.

It was heart wrenching to see so many markers that were for babies.  Some just said baby others said baby boy or baby girl.  K had a lot of questions and all we could come up with was that all of the dated markers were from 1910 and earlier and medicine was primitive back then.

After we left and continued on our walk we were chatting and he said that he felt like he was being watched while we were in there.  I told him that I did too and I felt a great deal of sadness like I just wanted to sit down and cry but after we left it started getting better.  I guess he felt the same way and has no plans to return to the cemetery.

For a happy ending they started filling up the pools today!

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