Sunday, June 28, 2015

Day 1

Hello from the UP of Michigan!!!  We have had so much fun checking out the sights today.  Ok, it was a little rocky this morning because we left the house at 3:15am but we made it here lol.

First up was Bond Falls.

The other half of Bond Falls.  As in one waterfall but it takes up 2 pictures.

The kids had to pose on a big rock on the way to today's second waterfall but I didn't find it worthy of a picture.

Then just before lunch we hit up Yooperland.  It was kinda boring but it was free so we didn't complain.

I have pics of K in the stockade as well but Z just looked so flippin cute in it lol.

G getting fed to the swamp monster as Z looks on.

K in "Da-2-holer"

I just had to get this pic because if you ask Z who farted? she will say I did it.

D and I in the Finnish Loveseat.

After lunch we headed to the Maritime Museum which is in a cool old city waterworks building.

K read a ton of signs especially ones about the Edmund Fitzgerald.  G thought that this diver was super cool looking.

G just had to drive the ship and gosh darnit she didn't even make us crash lol.  

We are now chilling in our hotel room after our long day and a little swimming in the pool to relax and burn off some excess energy from the long drive.  I am super excited to see what tomorrows vacation adventures will be.


  1. I am super jealous! I can't wait to see all the pictures! I hope you have a great time!