Monday, June 22, 2015

Square one again

Today was one of those days that I should have just stayed in bed.

It started off with dropping Z off at daycare like normal and then getting home just as the rain started.  It didn't take long for the rain to start pouring into the basement ugh big mess to clean.

Today I got that call about that job I was waiting on that I was told that I got on Thursday.  Well it turns out that after a 3 hour long interview and a verbal that I had it HR called to say that someone from second shift was moving to first and I could have the job but it would be second shift.  Yup I had to turn it down because I can only do first shift because of daycare.  

So I went to my moms and got my hair did.  It is now just short of my shoulders and red.  I feel much better and ready to start the search again tomorrow.  I will find a better job than that one anyway. 

After dinner we got a call from Nana needing help moving a TV so we headed that way on our walk.

We got the TV moved and then just had some fun running around in her yard and chatting for awhile. 

It was after 9 by the time we made it home so all 3 kids brushed their teeth and went straight to bed.

Tomorrow will be a better day I can feel it.  You never know the person who wanted to switch might change their minds.

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