Wednesday, June 24, 2015


On Monday I needed something different.  I needed something to boost my self-esteem because of being unemployed.  I needed a new me.  So I went to my mom the hairstylist and had my ponytail cut off and my hair dyed.

You can see from my pics that when she first started I was feeling really down about myself.

But, as I started to see results I started to feel better about myself.

Then for even more change I tried this Attitude shampoo that I got free to test in my #nurturevoxbox from +Influenster and +ATTITUDE Living #attitudeattarget the shampoo is available at Target for under $10.

It smells great and made my hair feel awesome.  It was just the change that I needed to boost my spirits and suffer through another week of being on the job hunt.

So head down to Target and try some today.  It comes in kids shampoo as well.

Thank you influenster and Attitude for giving me this free product to try and just because it was free it had no reflection on my review.

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