Wednesday, June 24, 2015


Today I got my Attitude on and decided to say screw it and after that things started to go my way.

My phone interview got rescheduled to 10:30 which actually worked out better for me anyway.  The job sounds great and the guy already said that I am forsure on his list to call back next week for a formal interview the week after.

Then K and I had lunch and left for our long walk to the Comcast store to return out modem.  We had boughten our own 2 months ago and just never had time or kept forgetting about turning it in.  Anyway while we were on our walk I got called about another job that I applied for and actually have the interview tomorrow morning.  

I spent part of my morning doing some long time coming reviews and then got a new something to try in the mail.  I love doing reviews because each one is new and exciting.  I also get to try many different things that I normally wouldn't even dream of getting.

Tomorrow I am going to try this anti-aging facial mask from Hada Labo Tokyo.  I have never done a facial mask so this should be interesting.

To make my day complete Z and I played dollies until she got bored and ran off to play monster trucks with G.

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