Monday, June 1, 2015


Today is the start of my 4th week without a job.  Ok I did do a temp job for 3 days during week 2 but I am not going to count that because it was temp and only lasted 3 days.  

I did have an interview today but it sounds like he has many more people to interview and it is less money and a longer commute than I really want to do.  Also, it is 4 10 hour shifts and that won't work with daycare.  The job did sound interesting it just won't work for me.

I am starting to feel a little down about not having an income but my new Voxbox came today and who can feel sad with a bunch of new treats to play with.

Also, when I was at Home Depot today I saw a sign that makes me want to support Home Depot more than I already do.

I have seen expectant mother parking but nothing like this.  I am not a vet but I do know a great guy who just happens to be a combat wounded vet that would greatly appreciate this sign so thank you Home Depot.

Z came home from daycare with a slight fever and pulling on her ears so D and I got a her a last minute appointment and it turns out that she has yet another ear infection.  

While they were gone I took the boys to the library to sign up for summer reading.

G is so excited to start that he actually has already sat and read for 30 minutes after dinner. 

We signed Z up too and she was given a cool new book.

I am not sure which she likes more the new book or the bag it came in lol.

Just to end the night on a high point I give you G and Z dressed alike.  That is a Crazy8's boys pj set that has the skeleton's pelvis on the shirt not the pants and a Carters boys pj set that doesn't have a pelvis at all just spine to legs lol.

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