Saturday, January 3, 2015

Z Sweater

I finished Z's sweater today.  It is a 2T so it won't fit until next winter but it is done anyway.  Ok and it got some yarn out of my rather large yarn stash that I need to work on lol.

With the boys gone this weekend I finally took the time to cut apart G's new calendar.

The only reason we bought it is because he has a thing for Monster Trucks and it was a cheap way to get posters.

He is going to be super excited when he gets home.

He now is well on his way to a Monster Truck bedroom.  I think the Easter Bunny might bring him Monster Jam sheets lol.

So because I got Z's sweater done I started D's birthday socks.  I have about a month to get them done so I need to get going on them.

I should buy him a different color next time because this is his third pair that I have made for him and this is the third blue pair lol.

Today is my third day without a smoke and I am starting to falter a little bit.  I can get through this I know it.


  1. Cute sweater! I also love the calendar idea! As for not smoking...