Sunday, January 4, 2015


I got a long standing unfinished knitting project done today!!!

The pattern is called Simplicity and it is in the book Toe-up 2-at-a-Time socks by Melissa Morgan-Oaks.

I started these socks on August 1, 2011.  They were actually intended for a guy who is now my ex-husband and I suppose that is why I let them sit for so long lol.  The yarn is Knit Picks Stroll in Black.

The pattern has a slip stitch rib and an eye of partridge heel.  I really like the look of the socks but being a 2 row repeat and being all black they were very boring to do.

I am just glad that I finally got them done and I can now work on something more fun and colorful.

D,Z, and I treated ourselves out to lunch at Denny's today and when we were getting a bottle ready for Z before we left she decided to help herself to the things in the fridge.

I have now made it 4 days without a cigarette and it still sucks.  I go back to work tomorrow so that is going to be a real challenge but I can do this. I suppose this is how I feel today.

With not smoking I do find that I have much more time to knit so that is a good thing.

G has 2 book reviews to get done for tomorrow so keep an eye out for those.


  1. Good job on the knitting! You are so good at that! Also, you are doing awesome on not smoking! I am so proud of you!