Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Everyone Needs Something

Lots of things going on around here today.  

I got to go to Cabelas for work again today.  I just love to have an excuse to there and get paid for it lol.

I am not a huge fan of bears but I like how this one is posed laying down.  Ok and the waterfall is neat too.

I am not sure how they got the plane into the building but that is neat too.  You can't see with a pic but the prop on the plane spins as well.

I got one color done on my next square of G's police blanket.  It doesn't look like much yet but it will soon.

You can kind of make out that it is a dog now.

G got an invite to a birthday party and I have to count out weekends to see if he will be home before we can RSVP to it.  Things like this make it hard for kids to be gone every other weekend.

It looks like they will be gone that weekend but hopefully I can talk dad into switching weekends.

When we bought the boys tablets for Christmas 2013 we bought extended warranties for them and K broke his Thanksgiving weekend and I finally called about K's tablet warranty yesterday.  I got the shipping label via email today so I am getting that ready for UPS.  Hopefully they can fix it or I will have one really sad boy.

And because we made Hamburger Helper for dinner Z needed a bath again tonight.  This time dad got home at 6:15 and remembered to strip her cloths off before we gave it to her.

So I think that I have had to do something for everyone today after work and I have only been home for 4 hours.  Sometimes life with kids is so hectic and sometimes we just get to sit and be bums.

I am almost done with day 13 without a smoke!!!  Tomorrow at 10:00 pm central time I will officially have 2 weeks under my belt and I am super excited to reach that milestone.  

D's work phone just rang so he is going to have to head into work and not be able to help put the kids in bed.  I hate on call weeks  :(

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