Thursday, January 22, 2015


Not much new going on here today.  

After work we had to go to Target to fill K's prescription and the boys behaved they always do which makes you just want to get out of the store in a hurry.

So because G was the worst behaved we made Hamburger Helper Potato Stroganoff for dinner because he hates potatoes.  I don't know how he can hate them but love french fries lol.

K helped me with my Reese's Spreads review and if ya want to check that out it is here.  He even did the video for me which was awesome.  I think he just did it so he could have some more lol.

K actually has another book review that he is working on so keep checking back to see that.  It means the world to him when people read and comment on his reviews.

I am still working on the not smoking thing and am at 22 days as of today.

It is supposed to hit almost 40 degrees here in the Twin Cities tomorrow so I just might get busy at work lol.  It will feel like summer.

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