Saturday, January 17, 2015

Hasbro Review

The boys and I have had so much fun the last month or so testing and playing with some cool new toys from Hasbro.

We got these free from BzzAgent to test.  If you ask the boys it is the most fun review we have done yet lol.

So I will do the review in the order that the boys went.

First thing they pulled out to play with was Simon Swipe.  This thing is awesome!  It has a volume button it so I don't have to listen to the thing as much as I do other toys that they have.

The boys have played this thing so much that we have already had to replace the batteries once.  It does take AA batteries so we have tons of those onhand.

Next up was Monopoly Jr

K was not very interested in this game but G was so K played with us.

Because it is made for small children all of the properties cost $5 or less and all of your money is $1 so it is easier to count.

What you pay for rent is the amount on the board so you don't have to deal with lots of little cards and try to keep track of them.

When you buy the property you put one of your markers on it so when someone else lands on it you know who owns it.  Also, the game is won in less than an hour so little kids don't get bored like they would playing regular Monopoly.

Last but not least Play-doh Launch.

This one ended up being G's favorite.  He plays it often by himself.  I am guessing thats why he beats the rest of us all the time now.

The point of the game is to get as many little play-doh balls as you can under the lid of the play-doh guy while he spins around.

What I like is that when you are done the thing comes apart and fits back in the box for storage.

If you buy this game keep in mind that it takes a C battery.  We found this out the hard way and had to go buy some because who has C batteries on hand anymore?