Monday, January 12, 2015

Sloppy Joes

D is on call this week so the boys and I wrote out our dinner menu ourselves.  He missed dinner tonight and I know that it won't be the only meal he misses with us this week.  He made it home at 7:30 this evening and bed time is at 8.  I am so tired of on call week and it only started today.

So today was sloppy joes.  No not the Manwich kind but the kind that we make with ground beef, ketchup, BBQ sauce (Famous Daves Sweet and Zesty which is G's favorite) and some brown sugar.

It is one of both boy's favorite meals.  Even Z enjoyed it.

See not much left and a clown face to prove it lol.

I also got one of my 20 socks for this year done.  My 2015 goal is 10 pairs so 20 socks.

That makes me 1/20th of the was done or 5% lol.  Considering that today is only day 12 of the year I think that I am doing ok so far.  I have to average 1 sock every 18.5 days so I am ahead of schedule lol.

I also made some progress on the next panel of G's police blanket.

He said it looks like a dinosaur I think it looks like a cat what do you think?

Oh and #NoSmoke2015 update:  I survived day 12 and am ready to take on day 13.  Only people who  have never smoked would say that I don't need daily updates.  But for those who have smoked they know that every day without one is a victory and worth bragging about.