Friday, January 2, 2015

Z Ice Box

It was just Z and I at home today because the boys are with their dad and D had to work.  

While she was napping I made some progress on her sweater.  She is so awesome to knit for because she seems to like everything I make for her.  I am not done with the sweater yet but she had to try it on.

I still can't find my camera charger so I am stuck with crappy cell phone pictures.  I got a better sweater pic but she is blurred in it.

We also stopped into my work today because I wanted to change my direct deposit stuff.  I am in the process of changing banks to have my checking and savings in the same bank as my car loan for convenience sake.

So Z just had to check out the mini ice box we have in the office.

It is a Z size box lol.

Hopefully I find my charger soon so I can get pics of out trip blankets because I am caught up on them and ready to start the 2015 squares.  Ok and this sweater when I finish it up tomorrow hopefully.

Oh and as of right now I have made it 47 and a half hours without a smoke.  I am so proud of myself right now that I treated D and Z out to Taco Bell for dinner.

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