Thursday, January 15, 2015

Jr High Conferences

First off I have some awesome news to share.

Congrats K for making the Gold Honor Roll
Trimester GPA of 3.700 or above

I am so proud of him if only he would keep that up here in Trimester 2.

We had his conferences tonight and in 2 of his classes well...

Yup you see that right all A's last tri and at mid term this tri he is at a D+ in Honors Algebra and a C- in Language Arts.  He is doing awesome in all of his other classes so what is going on?

Start with Honors Algebra.  From the kid who scored 94% better than his classmates on the ACTs.

Oh so thats it 4 missing assignments and 2 botched tests.  He is doing the missing assignments this weekend for partial credit and will retest next week for the botched tests.  What the heck K not turning in your work what happened.  After G goes to bed we are going to have a talk K and I.

On to Language Arts.

In this one everything was turned in but some were late and some were only part done.  So he is doing poorly because he is doing mediocre work and turning it in late.  Hmmmm we will fix this too.  

We also stopped to talk to his special ed coordinator and he wants to get K into some extracurricular activities.  He is thinking debate or math league.  K is just not a sports kind of kid and we understand that but extracurricular activities look good on college applications and it is never too early to worry about those.

So because we had to spend 1.5 hours at conferences we cheated on our money saving plans and bought Mcdonalds for dinner.

D met us at the school and attended with us but while we were in the 3rd one he got called in so we said screw the rest and took off.  I hate on call weeks have I said that yet this week?

I did make some progress on G's blanket.  I got the brown done and next up is black.

It is starting to look like something finally lol.  I also got the heel done of D's birthday sock #2 but I didn't get a chance to get a pic so you are just going to have to wait.

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