Sunday, January 11, 2015

Fast Weekend

Why is it that when you spend your weekend doing nothing it seems to go way faster than it does when you are busy doing things?

D took the kids grocery shopping so I could sleep in which was so awesome of him.  I can't remember the last time I slept in until 10 lol.

When they got home and woke me up I took one look at Z and wondered if she picked out her own cloths.

Yup that is a green camo sleeper with a red Star Wars tee over it on top and pink camo pants over it on the bottom.  Oh and one pink and one orange sock on to "bring it all together"

You guessed it Dad picked out her outfit and in his world this thing matches.

I spent most of the day knitting and trying not to think about cigarettes.  With the boys home and fighting it makes a girl want one more than ever.  But, I made it through and survived day 11.

I also looked over my yarn stash and pondered my next project that I want to do to try and use up some of it.  This is bad but I will post a pic anyway.

This is not all of it either but it is most of it lol.  Also not pictured is most of my inprogress projects which I have stashed elsewhere.

K read part of his book for his next book review.

We watched Willy Wonka and Monsters Inc as a family this afternoon as our weekly family time.

I am wondering if anyone has a Canon Power Shot camera that they don't use anymore or a broken one is fine.  I just want the battery charger for it.  I have 2 for mine somewhere but, thats the problem is that they are somewhere and I have no clue where.  I also have 2 dead batteries lol.

Have you ever lost something and it took forever to find it?