Tuesday, January 20, 2015


Why do D and I both have to be sick at the same time?  I have a sore throat, the chills, and body aches and this seriously sucks.  I thought that when I quit smoking that it would not be as miserable to be sick but boy was I wrong.  I have been sitting on the couch with my blankey being a bum ever since I got home from work.  

On the upside K has been a huge help this evening.  He browned the meat for tacos.  Bad idea to pick tacos when you have a sore throat BTW lol.  He also did the dishes after dinner.

With being sick I haven't had much energy to work on my knitting but I do have pics anyway.

K's Birthday socks which I started yesterday.  They are the same generic pattern which I did for D's birthday socks.

I have been stuck on the next police blanket square because I ran out of blue yarn.  I picked up some at Joann's today so I can get back to trying to finish that long time waiting project.

Ok while I was waiting for a chance to get to the store I started with the design pattern.  Right now it looks like a black doughnut lol.  It will look like a police related object adventually.

I am going to go back to my sitting on my butt watching TV and feeling miserable. 

I am at 20 days without a cigarette!!!