Friday, October 24, 2014

Wrestling Try-its

Yesterday and today G had wrestling try-its after school.  Basically you go and try-it after school for 2 days to see if you like it before you actually sign up and commit to it.  G wrestled last year and wanted to do it again this year so I figured why not.  

The cool thing about the try-it is that it is free and they get a t-shirt.  This kid has so many sport t-shirts it is not even funny.  Lets see 3 from football last year, 2 from football this year, 2 from wrestling last year, and now 1 from wrestling so far this year.  He also has a pair of shorts and a singlet from wrestling last year.  His singlet should still fit and he will get another t-shirt and shorts from this year yet too.

This years try-it group was way smaller than last years.  Maybe there will be fewer kids participating in wrestling this year.

Wrestling sign up is on Monday it is $20 and you get the t-shirt and shorts for participating.  The singlet and tournaments are extra.  It is 2 nights a week until December 17th.  I think that it is worth it for him to work off all of this extra energy he seems to have.

Now I just need to find his shoes and headgear.  

Do your kids play sports?  Which ones?