Saturday, October 18, 2014

Day Trip to Mankato

Today we took Z to look at waterfalls in Mankato.  The boys are at their dads so they missed it.  it was kind of a bust anyways.  I guess the summer was too dry or something because they were only a trickle instead of a falls.




As you can see in the first pic the creek bed is almost dry.  In the second pic you can't even see the water flowing over.  We plan to check it out again in the spring when the snow is melting.

Falls #2  Minneopa State Park

Top falls were ok to look at.

Big fall was very small.

We had seen this one before and it was beautiful but now not so much.  Once again it is going on out only good in the spring list.  

I did manage to get a decent pic of the bridge over the river.  D has a thing for waterfalls which is fine because I love old and different bridges and where there are waterfalls there is usually a neat bridge.  I like this shot because it has the bridge for me and both waterfalls in it for him.

We did have fun playing in the leaves in the State Park while we were there.  We decided to do a 10 month photo shoot of Z

I like her smile in the first one but I like the last one the best.  Yes, she is wearing a purple striped sleeper under her overalls we had to keep her warm somehow.

We also finally found her Halloween costume at Shopko in Mankato.  I am not going to share what it is so you will just have to check back later to see our pics.

What is your favorite part of fall?


  1. How beautiful - what a fun place to visit! Pinned this to my future vacation ideas.

    1. Thanks it was a fun trip I hope you like it too.