Thursday, October 2, 2014

TBT Me Edition

It rained half the day so I made some progress on G's birthday socks.  I have 1 done and 8 more rows until I start the toe of the second one.  I hope to get them done tomorrow then on to Z's birthday socks.  Ok I have already started her birthday socks and I am to the heel of the first sock.  So I hope to have pics of those tomorrow.

I finally got off my lazy butt and scanned up some of my old photos for TBT.  

I must have been 2 or so in this one

This is all of my cousins and I at Chuck E Cheese for Grandma's birthday party.

And for the last one I was 16 or 17.  I look so young don't I?


  1. Ok, first Z looks so much like you.
    Second, I think I took that last picture!