Friday, October 31, 2014

Happy Halloween

It is the one day a year that kids dressed up as characters go door to door begging for treats from strangers.  So of course we went.

G was Harry Potter.  It was the costume that K wore in the 3rd grade.  I made the scarf and sweater and my sister sewed the cloak.

K dug through the costume box and found a cloak and jester mask.  At 14 they don't want to be something cute I guess.

Z was my baby dragon.  

I wore a superman shirt but I work my coat over it all night because here in MN it was freakin cold out.

Before we left to go trick-or-treating the kids and I put string lights in our pumpkins because they recommend not using candles in them due to it being a fire hazard.

The 3 on the right have the string lights in them and the one on the left has a battery operated flickering candle in it.  I am digging the string light ones more than the candle one.

The kids and D had a blast running from house to house collecting treats.  We met up with his niece E so she could come with us (she was a giant M&M).

Ok it just looks like D is running from house to house but he is carrying Z in a front carrier because a stroller is too big of a pain to bring up and down steps at every house.

We had a fun halloween and hope to have even more fun next year when Z will be walking.

What did your kids dress up as this year?


  1. We took my grandson who was a sugar skull. At only 2 he did a great job of letting me put face paint on him and he loved it. Even the scary stuff. It got bitterly cold here as well. Even colder tonight since our trick or treat was the night before Halloween.. they are calling for snow tonight

  2. It was cold in PA, too. And raining all day long. My favorite is the dragon! Very cute!

    1. Thanks. I was starting to doubt I would ever find a costume for her.

  3. We went out and about! Had a blast! It was cold though!

  4. I love that dragon outfit it's amazing! I would be scared if that Jester mask turned up at my door and G looks so cute as Harry. Here in the UK we had an oddly warm halloween which was nice. We went to a party at a playcenter and then did a family thing making gingerbread, halloween songs, our children dressed up. We did get a few of the last trick or treaters knocking on when we got home, Sadly the normal UK weather has arrived for November and it's pretty cold now xx

    1. It has taken a turn for the cold here as well. The weather men are predicting snow for Monday.