Monday, October 13, 2014


I am so jealous of D this week because he has the whole week off.  I know it is my doing because G doesn't have school this week and I chose all of the single days to take off and he took the complete week.  It just sucks that I have to get up and go to work when he gets to stay home all day.

Because he has the whole week off I gave him a list of things to do:

*   Fix the gutters
*   Install baby locks
*   Fix the dishwasher
*   Sort the scrap metal and take it in
*   Put a door knob on the boys room
*   Find and install a baby gate in the hall (45" doorway)

What did he get done today?  He got a haircut, most of the laundry done, and went to Home Depot but not for supplies for his list.

He needs to get most of this done tomorrow because the kids only have daycare today and tomorrow so he can't use power tools after tomorrow (Z freaks out)

We will see what gets done tomorrow lol.

I do know I would have sat on my butt all day and done nothing so I think he did well.

D and I were talking about this song the other day.

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