Thursday, October 23, 2014

That Kind of Day

The last 2 days at work have been the worst.  Yesterday I was driving down 494 and hit a rock.

Or should I say baseball sized piece of concrete.  It took out the turn signal on the work truck.

They let the truck shop guy go so I got stuck replacing it myself.  On the up side my old truck (which I blew up the motor in last year) had the same front end so I stole the lens off of that.

After that mess was taken care of I went to my stop to replace a compressor and open the box of the new one and it was damaged.  So I had to use my spare one and send that one back to be warrantied.  I just have to wait until Monday for a new one.

On the up side I managed to get K to his very first ever conformation class.  He said he had fun but if you have ever dealt with a teen boy everything is "good" or "fine" lol.

Today the tires on my work truck had less than the DOT regulation of 2/32 so I couldn't drive it legally.  I got stuck working in the shop for part of the day.  It is not as glorious as it sounds when your boss is also working in said shop.  The other part of the day I was stuck in the flat bed truck that they have.  This thing has 350,000 or so miles on it and drives and runs like crap.  I mean when you try to get on the highway you merge at 45 MPH.  It sucks to try to drive.

The good part about today is that we met my Mom, Grandma, and my cousin Anna for dinner.  Anna has spent the last year in Madagascar and is from Washington so we hardly get to see her.  This was the first time she got to meet G and Z.  It was so much fun learning about her travels.

I hope tomorrow goes better because I can deal with anymore BS at work.