Wednesday, October 8, 2014

So Far So Good

G is doing much better today after having antibiotics of almost 24 hours.  He can go back to school tomorrow which is even better lol.  

Z has yet to show symptoms of having Hand Foot and Mouth.  But, daycare is closed again tomorrow as a precaution.  The last time I talked to her 3 kids had it.  So that now makes 3 infected and 3 not yet showing signs of having it.  Of the 3 that have it 2 are the other babies that Z plays with.  Nana is now home from the cabin for the winter so she is going to get G off to the bus and have Z for the day tomorrow and Friday.  Thank you Nana for letting us still be able to work.

Because G was feeling better we decided to make some cards to make Sherryl at daycare feel better because she keeps blaming herself for the kids being sick.

We checked out some youtube videos and decided to try this one.

So here goes nothing

We gathered our supplies.  I had the paper, scissors, and glue.  G had the crayons and the smile.

We had to replay the video a few times to understand what was going on.

We started folding our paper

and cutting...

We finally figured it out!!!

It was a little hard at times but the finished product was beautiful.

Everything said and done we are glad we did it when Z was napping.  G had a little trouble with the cutting and remembering to fold on the right side but he says he had fun and it was worth the trouble.

Other than that we bummed around the house in our PJs all day.  We had lots of snacks and watched the first 3 Harry Potter movies because G is currently reading the books.  It was a very unproductive mom and kids day.

K went to school like normal...poor K.


  1. Sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day! I hope everything goes back to normal soon!

    1. It would be back to normal if there was school this week lol

  2. Nothing wrong with bumming around in PJ's! What a cute and crafty card. Thank you for sharing at the Merry Monday Link Party!