Tuesday, October 7, 2014

1 Maybe 2 Sick Kids...

I got called from daycare today during dinner.  I guess 2 kids have hand foot and mouth so she is going to be closed tomorrow to clean and sanitize everything.  One of the 2 kids that have it is the kid that Z always plays with.  I can't afford to take 5 days off of work because she can't go to daycare because of something that she got at daycare.

After dinner I ran G to urgent care because his throat hurt and the paper came home yesterday that strep throat is going around his classroom.  Then he asked if he has strep like his friend Ben.  Yup my kids BFF in the classroom is the kid who had strep.   On the up side he doesn't have it but does have a bacterial infection so we got the 10 day round of antibiotics anyway.  Oh and he can't go to school tomorrow because he hasn't been on the meds for 24 hours.

On the up side I had already called my boss to let him know I wouldn't be in because of daycare so I am hopefully (fingers crossed) only having to take one day off.

Oh and I finished G's Birthday socks on Saturday.

The pattern is called Hermiones Everyday Socks and the yarn is Lion Brand Sock-ease in the Rock Candy color way.  It took me 8 days from start of first sock to end of second sock.

I have one of Z's birthday socks sone and have started G's Christmas socks.  Who knows I might get Z's birthday socks done tomorrow I mean I have the day off and all lol.

K finished one of his books today so we might just have another K book review this week.

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