Sunday, August 3, 2014

Weekend with E

This weekend we babysat his niece E.  Yesterday was movie night and today we went out to lunch at Old World Pizza and a bike ride in Hastings by the waterfall.  We did have to go shopping again at Target because we had to get a bike carrier for the suburban.  Now we can carry 4 bikes and the trailer for Z.  G was very surprised when he got home and realized that we can go for bike rides at cool places now.

Now it is just the 5 of us hanging out until bed.  We have to hit the hay early tonight due to eye doctor appointments tomorrow.  Ducky has to work so my mom is going to meet us there to give me a hand with the 3 of them.  The boys are excited to pick out new glasses tomorrow evening.

I did not get pics of our bike ride because I forgot my camera but I did get pics of the girls on our lunch date.

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