Monday, August 4, 2014

Eye Dr and Thrift Store Find

Why oh why did I make eye dr appts at 8 am on my day off?  Ok we had 8, 8:15, and 8:45.  My mom met us at the eye drs because Ducky couldn't get the day off.  After 3 exams still just the 2 boys needed glasses but all 3 have to go back in a year.  

G thinks he looks super cool in my shades!!!

The eye dr is tiring for Z...she slept through breakfast

After the eye appts we went to Denny's for breakfast.  I had the biscuits and gravy with hash browns off of the $2 menu.  It was ok the gravy had no flavor but all and all not bad.

At noon K had the first day of his focus program so G, Z, and I went shopping.  We went to Once Upon a Child and found Ducky his backpack carrier for Z.  Then off to Half Price Books for some new reading material.  I got some new knitting books, G picked out some clearance books, and we got Z Where the Wild Things Are.  JoAnns was next for a something for G to hang out and do with the nanny M this week.  Finally we stopped into Savers where G decided we needed a wagon for $15.

G with his new (used) wagon and other purchases for the day

When K got home from his program we went to pick out glasses.  G had to get 2 pair of the same so we would have lots of parts when he broke them and K picked out 2 different ones.  They should be able to be picked up in a week or so then I will have pics of how cute they look in them.


  1. Busy, busy day, but at least you survived! Nice wagon score!

    1. I have to be busy with only 2 more Mondays until school starts on the 25th