Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Worst Mcdonalds ever

So today I stopped into the Mcdonalds on County rd D and just off of 35W in New Brighton.  Here is the link to the store info.  I swear it is the worst location I have ever been to.  First off it had 2 drive thru lanes and we took the open one.  I swear that 3 cars passed through the other lane ahead of us while we were waiting for the person to even take our order I should have taken this as a sign but screw it I was hungry.  We ordered a plain Mcdouble, 2 cherry pies, and a large Dr Pepper our total was $5.?? I have no clue we were never given a receipt.  Then we got our food and drink.  The burger was cold I was like WTF it isn't that hard to make a burger and keep it warm long enough for me to get it so we turned around and I ran in to get it replaced.  We started down the road and he took a drink of his soda and yup that was screwed up too.  It was Diet Coke.  I mean if it was at least regular Coke I would have drank it but Diet yuck.  So out of the 3 items ordered 2 were messed up.  I will never be back to this location again and now I am telling everyone I know to avoid this crap hole of a Mcdonalds.

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