Saturday, August 16, 2014

New seat for Z finally

Today while I was "working" in Burnsville I stopped into K-mart.  I hadn't checked them out for car seats yet so I thought I would check it out.  I didn't see anything that I liked until I stumbled on their clearance section.  I found one I liked and the price was ok on clearance for $47.99.  So I decided what the hell I can always return it.  I get to the register and it rings up for $31.99.  I thought even better if it doesn't fit in my car we can always put it in his Suburban.  It is a Safety First onSide air

It is very gender neutral.  The best part is that we seem to have finally found a car seat that actually fits well in my car and doesn't cost $300.  We were starting to look at the spendy seats hoping that they will actually fit in a small car.  Z seems to think that the box is the best part of the whole experience.

Just wait until your birthday and Christmas baby girl there are more boxes to come lol.

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